Year 2M Home learning

Good morning Year 2M! Are you ready for another week of online learning? I hope you can all join me at 9.30am and 2.15pm for our Google meet sessions! You will need a piece of paper, a felt tip pen and your brain box!

This morning we are going to start the day by thinking about our character qualities. Character qualities are positive features you have for thinking, feeling and behaving which benefit yourself and others. I would like you to draw a picture of yourself and label your character qualities. Your character qualities might include humour, kindness, teamwork, forgiveness, creativity, bravery, honesty, curiosity, positivity, love or think of some of your own.

Maths Today we are going to focus on 2D shapes. You have a shape activity in your ‘just in case pack’ to complete. In addition, watch the shape lesson with Miss Mitchell. In this lesson, you will be identifying shapes and exploring quadrilaterals.

English In English today I would like you to use the English task 3 sheet from your pack to help you plan a character profile. Remember to use the adjectives you generated last week for your chosen character.

Reading – Today in reading I would like you to focus on your comprehension skills. Comprehension is the ability to understand something, or your actual understanding of something. In your pack (reading 3) you have a list of words. I would like you to draw a picture to match the words.

Science In science we have been learning all about ‘Living things and their habitats’. All living things need to eat other living things to survive. What an animal eats is called its diet. In this lesson, will be learning about what diets different animals follow. We will be identifying what different animals may eat based on the appearance of their teeth, some flat, some sharp. You will need a pencil, a piece of paper and most importantly your brain!

Finally, why not relax with some Cosmic kids yoga.

Don’t forget to email your fabulous work to our class email before 2.30pm

Have a wonderful day

Mrs Moseley

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