SSC Morning Check In

Good morning and welcome back SSC class! We hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend. There are only four more days of home learning. We are really looking forward to you all being back in school on Friday.

Here are the activities for this morning:


On Monday’s, we have PSHE – Personal Social and Health Education.

In the SSC, we complete a lot of work around the ‘ Zones of Regulation’, and work towards recognising strategies that help us stay in or get back to the ‘green zone’.

Zones of Regulation | Hub Force: Hub 4 Learning

Today, we are going to be looking at expected and unexpected behaviours.

Expected behaviour: green zone, ready, listening and respectful.

Unexpected behaviour: blue, yellow and mainly red zone. Not listening, maybe unsafe and not respecting others.

What unexpected behaviours are the dogs showing? What zone do you think they are in?

Think about your behaviour when you are in the different zones. What does your behaviour look like in the green zone? What does your behaviour look like in the red zone? Fill out the expected and unexpected behaviour sheet.


You have two jobs for English today.

Job 1: Green Pen Challenge!

Correct the sentences and fill in the missing punctuation.

Classroom: Follow the English non negotiables; check that question marks, exclamation marks and commas have been used correctly.

Activity Room: Follow the English non negotiables. Check that question marks and full stops are being used correctly.

Job 2: Park Description.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working towards writing a description of the park from our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. In our Topic lesson (Friday), we learnt all about Heaton Park. Use what you know about Heaton Park to think of five adjectives that describe the park.

Challenge: Can you write a short description of Heaton Park? Don’t forget to include all English non-negotiables and adjectives. Think about what the park looks like and what you might hear at the park.

For example: The young labrador bounced happily across the beautiful, green field.

Things to do in Heaton Park - including rowing boats and visiting the  animal centre - Manchester Evening News


Every Monday we work on multiplication facts.

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