SSC Morning Check In

Good Morning SSC Class. Welcome to Thursday. We can’t believe how quickly the week has gone already. The whole of the SSC Team are really impressed with the quality of the work you are sending in.


Today we would like you to practise your spellings by writing them backwards! We know that this is a little tricky but it will help you to remember them.

All: any, many, clothes, busy, people and water

Challenge: information, preparation, exaggeration, adoration, education


Today you have two jobs for English.

Job 1: Say what you can see!

Say what you can see is a ‘Catch Phrase’ style game. Look at the pictures and write down one word to describe each image.

For example:

Label your answers 1 to 4 to match the images.

Job 2: Last week we made predictions about our class book ‘Voices in the Park’ by looking at the pictures. Today, your job is to observe, wonder and infer related to different images from the story. I have added a written explanation and a video example below.

Observe, wonder and infer example.

Now you have seen the examples I want you to observe, wonder and infer for one of the images below. I have attached two options so that you have the option of an additional activity (both images completed).

Task plan:

Observe – list at least four things you can see in the picture.

Wonder – Write a question sentence about the picture.

Infer – Write a sentence about what you think is happening in the picture.

Challenge: Can you use a precise noun? Can you write three question sentences in the wonder box?

Activity Room

Please read all the information above.

Can you complete the observe box (what you can see) and the wonder part (question sentence). You do not need to write a sentence to infer.


Classroom Group

Solving word problems using the correct method

Today you will be using the method you used yesterday for long multiplication. If you need a reminder of how to use the long method, here’s the video you looked at yesterday:

Solving word problems

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Underline the numbers.
  3. Use the method from yesterday to answer the question

Activity Room Group

Today you will be solving word problems using the expanded method to add together two lots of three digit numbers. Here is a reminder of the method you used yesterday.

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