SSC Class Morning Check In

Good morning SSC class and welcome to wonderful Wednesday.

Well done everyone for completing your home learning jobs yesterday. We were super impressed with the work we received, good job!

This is the plan for today:


Today you will be writing your spellings out using the pyramid method.

All: any, many, clothes, busy, people, water

Challenge: information, adoration, preparation, education, location, exaggeration


Our class book this term is ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne. In the activity room, Miss Taylor has created a story table with props from the book that we found on a scavenger hunt last week.

Today, we need to complete two English jobs.

Job 1: Story questions.

We will be reading the first three pages of our story. Watch the video below and answer the following questions:

Which characters have been introduced?

Whose is the first voice?

Where is the story set?

Where are the family going?

Challenge: Can you spot a precise noun?

Job 2: Map to the park.

In the book we read about the lady setting off to the park and arriving at the park, but what happened in between?

We already know that the lady walked to the park with her dog and her son, but what did she experience on her journey. What did the lady see? Where did she go?

For example, if I walked to Heaton Park from Bowker Vale I might see a set of traffic lights on a busy road, a cyclist and signs at the entrance.

You need to find three pictures of three things, that the characters from the story might have seen on the way to the park. Create a picture collage or draw a picture, or you can create a map like the one below.


Classroom group

Today we will be learning to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number.

Which of these multiplication number sentences is a fib?

Watch the video below. This will help you to remember how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using the long method.

Activity Room Group

Today you will be using the expanded method to solve addition problems. We did this last week in class. Today you will be adding two lots of three digit numbers together. Here is an example:

Please answer these questions:

345 + 345 =

456 + 239 =

678 + 235 =

335 + 398 =

Make sure that you use the correct method to answer these questions.

Have fun completing you morning activities and don’t forget to send your work to the class email.

The SSC Team

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