SSC Class Afternoon Check In

Good Afternoon and welcome back SSC class.

This is the plan for the afternoon:


Today’s cooking lesson is themed around Remembrance day and we will be making War Time biscuits in class.

We have attached the power point for today’s cooking lesson below if you wanted to try it at home – this is an optional activity.

Challenge Box – Remembrance Day

As mentioned yesterday, today is Remembrance day.

Poppies are worn on Remembrance Day because they are worn on Remembrance Day as they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after the First World War ended.

Bowker Vale school have marked the occasion by asking each class to produce a poppy wreath. Everyone in the SSC worked really hard on this last week and this is our finished product:

Well done SSC Class and special thanks to Mr Jones! It is amazing.

Can you draw and design your own poppy wreath? Or colour in the template below:

Enjoy the rest of your day everybody!

The SSC Team

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