Good Morning SSC Class

Welcome back SSC class, I hope you have all had a nice weekend!

This week we have some children in school learning and some children learning at home.

This is the plan for today:


Today we would like you to practise your spellings using rainbow writing. Rainbow writing means that you are using a different colour for each letter of the word you are spelling. Children know which spelling group they are in.

All: any, many, clothes, busy, people, water

Challenge: information, adoration, preparation, education, location, exaggeration.


Every Tuesday, we work on our handwriting and fine motor skills in English. Can you practise writing the letter l?

Follow the link to watch how to form cursive letters correctly.

In class we will be threading leaves to add to our ‘Voices in the Park’ display. Can you thread leaves onto a stick to strengthen your hand and finger muscles? Challenge yourself to fit twenty leaves on a stick!

Leaf Threading | Here Come the Girls


At the start of every week we practise our times tables in preparation for learning for the rest of the week.

Classroom group – you are working on your six times table. Do you know the facts in order?

Do you know the facts in any order?

Activity room group

You are working on your four times table.

Do you know the facts for the four times table in order?

Do you know the facts for the four times table in any order?

Have fun completing your morning activities and don’t forget to email your work to the class email.


Our afternoon activities are:

Design Technology

Challenge Box – Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is held on the 11th of November – the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. We use Remembrance Day to remember all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.

Can you complete the word search below or discuss some of the key words?

Well done everyone, Miss Allely or Miss O’Keeffe will send you feedback about your work.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

The SSC Team

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