Make a minute count


Below is a list of counting challenges and activities which your child will be completing this year in school. Can you try any of them at home ?


Counting Challenges:
● recite some number names in sequence
● recite numbers in order to 10
● count up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item
● know numbers identify how many objects are in a set
Suggested Activities:
● Tactile numeral cards eg sandpaper / velvet.
● Glitter trays
● Playdough
● Rhymes, stories and songs
● Count a random amount of objects in a Feely Bag.
● Count correct number of objects into containers eg 1p coins/counters/fluffy balls.
● Count correct number of objects into number moulds.
● Estimation/counting activities e.g How many beads are in this tub? Estimate and then count to check.
● Listen to how many claps I do, tell me the correct number and count the same number of claps back to me.
● Count an irregular arrangement of up to 4 objects/images.
● Roll an adapted dice 1, 2, 3 pick up that many wrapped sweets.
● Numbers on bikes/scooters/teddies/cubes to park up/put in correct order.
● Count objects from a larger group and stop when we have enough.
● Count groups of different objects giving the same total and label them appropriately e.g. 3 cups, 3 stones, 3 beads, 3 children.
● Bury small toys and plastic numbers in the sand, can you find 3 dinosaurs and the number 3 and put them together?
● Make numerals from dough and press in the correct amount of ‘jewels’.

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