2M have A Fantastic Friday!

Good morning Year 2, It’s Friday! I hope you can all join us at 10.00am for our Google Meet session! You will need a piece of paper, a felt tip pen and your story map from yesterday.

I have really enjoyed seeing your inner being work this week. Today is finish off, focus and reflect. Remember when we focus on something, we pay special attention to it and when we reflect on something, we think carefully about it! This morning I would like you to reflect on your achievements and focus on the positive outcomes of your week. Write them down or share them with somebody you trust.


In English I would like you to write the story of ‘The enormous turnip’ You can create your own version or keep it the same as the original. Make sure you use your story map and character profiles you have been working on throughout the week. Use the word mat to help you and the writing checklist. Can you use an expanded noun phrase and a variety of punctuation?


In this lesson you will be comparing amounts of money using coins and notes. Remember to use all your prior learning to help you.



This week we have been exploring the United Kingdom, so your task today is to write a fact file on the UK. Use the website below, your own research and the fact file template to help you. Remember when you are writing your fact file to use the correct letter formation and punctuation. We would love to see your amazing work, so don’t forget to send it to the Year 2m class email address.


Have a great weekend and well done for a fabulous week of enthusiastic learning!

Mrs Moseley

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