Y2M Thursday Learning

Good morning Year 2, another exciting day ahead. I hope you can all join us at 9.00am for our Google Meet lesson!

Our inner being theme this week has been positivity and happiness, so your first task today, is to think of the things that you can do to make you happy. It might be playing with friends, colouring, listening to music or asking someone for a hug. Once you have your ideas, draw or write them down. Singing and dancing can sometimes make you feel happy, so let’s sing and dance along to the song below.


Yesterday, we read and put actions to the story ‘The enormous turnip’. Today I would like you to start planning your own version of ‘The enormous turnip’. Can you create/draw a story map. Your story map should include a beginning, build up, problem/dilemma, resolution and ending.


In Year 2 we have been exploring the value of coins and notes. Can you work out how much is in the jars?


What are the landmarks in London?

In today’s lesson, we join Miss Browne in learning about some of the famous landmarks in London. We have a go at placing them on a map and finish the lesson by writing a list of tourist attractions for people visiting London. Keep all your topic work safe because tomorrow you will write a fact file all about the UK.


Have a great day, Mrs Moseley

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