Y2M Tuesday Activities

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are ready for an exciting day of learning ahead. We know learning at home is not the same as being in school, but the teachers have tried to make your day fun and focused!

Every morning, we will continue to focus on our activity journal ‘My Inner Being’. It is important, especially over the next few weeks, that you focus on your strengths, value yourself and know how special you are! First, draw a love heart and inside the heart draw the things that make you happy. Share your thoughts and feelings with somebody you trust.

Next is reading! When you read a text and show you understand it by answering questions, this is called comprehension. You use comprehension skills all the time in everyday life. You often need to link together facts and clues to properly comprehend (understand) what’s happening in a text.

Watch this video to see how to do this.


After that, listen to the ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ (on the link above) and answer the six questions about the video. Have a look at the questions now, so you know what to listen out for.

Next, we would like you to complete a maths activity focusing on place value. There is no need to print off the booklet, just send the answers to the class email address.

Finally, in topic we are focusing on geography. Over the next few days we would like you to carry out some research on the United Kingdom. On Thursday you will use this information to create a fact file all about the UK, so make sure you take notes. This link will help you


Or join Miss Browne in learning about the geographical location of the UK, and the countries within the UK. Draw a map of the countries within the UK and label with seas surrounding it. Click on the link below.


Don’t forget to send your maths and reading comprehension answers to our class email – class2m@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk

Have a great day!

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