Tuesday’s learning from home for year 6

Good morning. We hope you are ready for your new day of learning from home.

There are two tasks today for you to complete and email back to us. One is English and the other is maths. Remember that we set topic for the week yesterday.


Today you will take part in an online lesson from Oak Academy on the subject of complex sentences. We are sure that you remember that there are three main sentence types. A simple sentence; a main clause that makes sense all by itself and contains a subject, a verb and usually an object. A compound sentence; two main clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction. A complex sentence; a main clause, a subordinate clause and a subordinating conjunction.

Follow the link to watch the video and participate in the lesson. Close to the end of the video you will see this… We want you to email us the sentence that you would use here. (It will make sense when you watch the video)



We will be revising multiplication grids. Your task is to complete the grids and email them or pictures of them back to us. You don’t need to print them; you can just copy them onto paper.

Remember – do not reply via the blog.

Email your work to –



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