Learning from home

Good morning 6P,

 Well what a strange start to the week. We are the first class bubble to have our teaching and learning at home. I often like to be first at things, but not this time.

Each day, by 9.30am there will be tasks set on the blog: one English task; one maths task and one other (science, topic or creative). You will be expected to complete them all on the day they are set (unless we say differently) and send your work to class6p@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk by 2.30 pm. We will have some ‘live sessions’ via google meet to see each other, share our work and get some feedback.

No stressing and no worrying 6P. We all know that a worried brain can’t learn properly.  Remember to take breaks, exercise, rest, get fresh air (only in your own garden obviously) read, read, and read some more and practice your times tables. We are team 6P and we can do this!

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