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Good afternoon and welcome back to the SSC class blog.

The SSC has completed their first full week of the school year and it has been fantastic, well done everyone! All of the children within the SSC have worked really hard this week in all of their lessons and we are very proud of you all.


In English, we have began reading our new class book ‘Sometimes I feel…’ by Sarah Maycock. It is a brilliant book that explores feelings through different animals and we are really enjoying it so far.


In Maths, we have been using our memory skills to complete our multiplication challenges and have been practising how to identify the place value of two,three and four digit numbers.


Today, we had a really fun science lesson and conducted an experiment which involved a bottle of coco cola and a packet of mentos. As a class we learnt that the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drink reacts with the surface of the mento and creates air pockets, the air pockets need a way of escaping out of the drink bottle – how do you think they get out?

Watch the video to see what happened next!

It was lots of fun! We also reminded ourselves of the importance of being safe during experiments and science lessons and created a mind map about what science means to us.

Have a great weekend everyone,

The SSC Team

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