Terrific Tuesdays!

Good morning Year 3,

It is time for our final Tuesday of homelearning and as Mrs kershaw said yesterday this week is all about reflecting. It is time to reflect on our year, what we have learnt, the friends we have made and how much we have grown.

We are going to start our day by doing some yoga. Yoga is brilliant for clearing your mind and allowing you to think. Whilst you are doing your yoga, think about what you have achieved this year.

Next we are going to practice some year 3 and 4 tricky spelling words. Pick 5 words that you find tricky and use rainbow words to practice them.

Extra challenge: Can one of your family members test you on them?

For your reading challenge we would like you to answer questions about the text One Tiny Mistake.

For today’s math challenge we want you to flex your timestable skills and try to get a personal best on TT Rockstar. https://ttrockstars.com/

After your maths challenge, we would like you to think about your goals for next year. Your goal might be linked to school or a skill, Is there a new skills you would like to learn? Is there a skills you would like to improve? Do you want to master your timestables?, or your goal might be based on your friendships, behaviour and charactertistics, do you want to be kinder to the people in your class? To make a new friend? To be the best version of yourself every?

This afternoon we want you think about the fabulous friends you have made this year. Who are your best friends and why? What qualities do they have that make them an excellent friend?

Finally, we would like you to celebrate a fantastic Tuesday by having a dance party!

We hope you have had a fantastic Tuesday and that you feel PROUD of everything you have achieved this year.

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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