Good Morning SSC Class

Welcome to fabulous Friday! We hope you have had a fantastic week. Here are some of the great things that we have been up to in class this week:

What has been the highlight of your week so far? Today is a home learning day for everyone in the SSC, hopefully you will be able to complete and enjoy some of the activities attached below.

Today’s learning:


The SSC has been completing activities linked to our class book ‘All My Treasures’ by Jo Witek. We have really enjoyed this story all about treasure and things that are special to each of us. Here is another story by Jo Witek called ‘Brave As Can Be’.

Listen to the story and think about all the times that you have been brave. What fears have you overcome? Is there a time when you have had to be brave? What or who has helped you? Maybe it was when you were younger and started school, or when you were older and joined a new class. Sometimes being brave can be as simple as trying something new or asking a question in a new situation. I know lots of times that the children in the SSC have been brave! Draw a picture or complete a mindful colouring activity whilst you enjoy the story.


Can you complete the four times table multiplication wheels? Do you know the four times table in order? Can you recite the four times table in any order?

Rights Respecting

Bowker Vale is a Unicef ‘Right’s Respecting School’ (silver award), which means as a school community we learn about children’s rights, why they are important and think about how to put them into practise every day. In the SSC we want to promote and respect these rights in the best way possible so Miss Taylor has created an amazing display for our classroom!

As you can see, it lists many of the articles included in the Children’s Rights Convention as well as a BitMoji character to represent each member of the SSC and their wonderful personalities!

One of your rights as a child is to have a name (Article 7). I want you to research what your name means or stands for. I researched Chester’s name (our class rabbit) and came up with this:

The name Chester means a fortress or a camp.

Interesting… I can’t wait to hear what your names stand for! Here is the link to the Unicef website and your rights as a child:

Have a read of the articles and your rights, think about which of these rights we promote or provide in school?

Have a great weekend everybody,

The SSC team

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