Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning everyone and welcome to wonderful Wednesday.

We had another busy day in school yesterday and it was lovely to see another SSC pupil join our bubble. If you haven’t already told your parents or carers, we have an SSC end of term event on Thursday the 16th of July. This will be a chance for our bubble of seven to be together for one last time before the Summer holidays.

Today’s learning:


What have you been reading? Have you listened to any audio books?


Can you complete this week’s grammar challenge?

Today we will be learning about words with the prefix dis. If the letters (a prefix) dis appear before a word, it means no. Some examples of words which include the prefix dis are: dislike, disobey, discover and disappear.

Can you choose the correct word to complete the sentences?


Today we will be having an extra cooking lesson. We will be making delicious Scotch eggs.

Have a lovely day

The SSC Team

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