Let’s have a SUPER Monday!

Good morning Year 3,

Are you ready for a SUPER week of homelearning?

First, we would like you to practice your handwriting on Letterjoin. After that we would like you to read a book.

For today’s challenge we would want you to use your super maths skills to solve some tricky maths problems.

For this week’s computing challenge we want you to research your favourite Superhero and create a factfile about them. Think: What is the name of your favourite superhero? What is their power? Do they have an arch enemy? Where are they from? What are there characteristics? What do they look like?

For this week’s wellbeing challenge we want you to explain what superpowers you have. Your superpowers are what make you an amazing friend- it could be your powerful listening skills, or your brilliant sense of humour which has the capability to bring a smile to the face of even the grumpiest person.

This afternoon we are going to have a SUPER PE lesson! We want you to dodge, lunge and shoot like a superhero!

We hope you have a great day and rememeber to send your pictures to year3@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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