Good Morning SSC Class

Good morning SSC class, I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Once again everyone has been very busy and working very hard in the SSC – in class and at home. Great job everybody!

Today is a home learning day, attached below are some fun activities for you to complete:


In the SSC we know it is important to practise and develop our grammar skills to help us improve our spoken and written communication. Did you manage to complete yesterday’s grammar challenge? Here is a similar grammar mat for you to try:

Direct speech – a sentence in which the exact words spoken are enclosed in inverted commas. For example, “Have a great day!” said Mr Jones.

Plural – there is more than one.

Adjective – a word used to describe a noun e.g big/small.

Preposition – explains the placement of something e.g behind, above or below.

Main clause – a group of words that contain a noun and a subject which makes complete sense on its own. Miss Taylor fed Chester (main clause) before going out to play (subordinate clause).


On Wednesday, we created beautiful chalk pictures of the Northern Lights. We worked really hard on these and the bright colours looked fantastic against the black card.

They are really easy to try at home too! All you need is some chalk and a stencil (we made ours out of paper). You could create different patterns by using a variety of outlines and textures. What pictures can you create with chalks and a stencil? Or maybe you could create a picture using crayons? We filmed a time-lapse video of our artwork to help you recreate the Northern Lights image. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Have a great weekend,

The SSC Team

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