Friday Fun!

Good morning everyone! We hope that you have enjoyed our reading week as much as we have.

Today our yoga is based on the fantastic book Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy!

After yoga it is time for handwriting and then your maths challenge. You have one final task based on place value this week. For the first task you must use your skills of estimation. Our top tip is to think carefully about what number would be in the middle of each number line. Use this to then estimate where the given number would be.

After maths you have a reading challenge. Below is a description taken from JK Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

We would like you to carefully read the description and then draw and label the Great Hall scene that it is describing. At 3pm we will post what the picture actually looks like, so that you can see how accurate your drawing is. You may also want to label your description with words and phrases from the text.

After lunch we would like you to read some myths from around the world. Here is a dictionary definition of what a myth is:

If you don’t have any mythical books at home you can visit the following websites.

Finally to finish the day and the week we are going to have a dance PARTY!!! We have picked a dance routine to the song The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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