Time to read Thursday!

Good morning Year 3,

Are you ready for another day of home learning? Let’s go!

First, we would like you to practice your handwriting. You can do this by logging onto Letter Join, or you could practice writing the date or your name in your neatest cursive handwriting. Please make sure you use a capital letter for your name, days of the week or months of the year as they are all proper nouns.

After your handwriting practice, we would like you to practice your spellings. We are going to continue to practice the spellings from Tuesday, but this time we would like you to challenge yourself and use them in a sentence.

For today’s maths challenge we want you to use your addition and subtraction skills to complete the number sequences.

For today’s reading challenge we are going to look at fables. A fable is a short story where talking animals are often the main characters. A fable often has a moral or a message it is trying to convey through the story. Today we are going to look at the fable ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’.

This afternoon we would like you to complete our tricky writing challenge. We want you to describe your favourite book character without saying their name. The aim is for whoever is reading it to guess who you are writing about from your excellent description of how they look, their character (personality) and their actions.

Here is my example:

My favourite book character is an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She is a quietly confident girl who loves to read and learn new things. From a very young age this girl has been fiercly independent. At 3 years old she began cooking for herself, looking after herself and would even travel to the local library.. all by herself!

She has mousy brown hair which she keeps out of her eyes by wearing a scarlett red ribbon. She wears a sky blue dress with a white collar and shiny blue shoes.

Although this girl is kind, she can also be extremely mischevious. She has been known to sneak into peoples houses and play cheeky tricks on them (but only to those who deserve it). The most interesting thing about this character is that she has a magical power. She can move things with her mind. She is very careful with this power and only uses it for good which in this case means to teach her evil head mistress a lesson!

This young, magical girl is my favourite book character because she is brave, bold and not afraid to be different.

Do you think you know who it is? I will put the answer up at 3pm. Send your writing to year3@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk and myself and Mrs Kershaw will try and guess who you have written about.

We hope you have a fantastic day of reading, learning and fun.

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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