Phonics Thursday

Morning Year 1.

Today we would like you to wear your ‘phonics hat’ because you are going to do some phonics activities.

First we would like you to have a play these games on phonics play.

These games allow you to sound out and blend the different sounds in words to read them. You have to recognise if it is a REAL or NONSENSE word. Please select ‘Revise all phase 3’.

Now you have had a practise playing them. Can you create your own game?

Using the same idea, create 2 boards, one for REAL words and one for NONSENSE words. Now make some cards that have real and nonsense words on using phase 3 sounds and play the game with a family member.

Here are some examples.

Mystery Phonics Bags

Collect some small toys and objects from around your house and put them in a bag or you could use a pillow case. Take turns to pick a toy, sound out the letters to spell it, and your family member has to blend together what you are sounding out to guess the toy. You can write down the letters that are being sounded out to help.

Remember some of the sounds have two letters that make one sound. They are called digraphs!

Have fun with phonics!

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