Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone! We hope that you have had a great week so far. We have all been really busy in the SSC this week and we know that you have been working hard at home too.

Today’s learning:

Today is a home learning day for everyone. Here are some activities for you to try today:


Grammar Challenge

Preposition – explains the placement of something e.g behind, above or below.

Word family – words which contain the same part e.g ‘act’ is in ‘react’.

Contracted apostrophe – I am becomes I’m.

Past tense – has already happened.

Adverbs – describes a verb e.g slowly.

Homophones – two words which sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things.


Next week we are planning on making pizzas in the SSC. Can you make your own? Can you think of interesting pizza toppings or combinations? Can you draw your own perfect pizza?

Have a lovely day

The SSC team

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