Year Six leavers request

Being a Year Six leaver in 2020 means you will never be forgotten! Our wonderful BV staff would like to put together a powerpoint presentation for you to mark the occasion, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need every single one of you to send either: a picture, a message, a word document, a sentence or two or a short video (no more than 30seconds) telling us either your memories, favourite occasion or a message to your classmates. We will put all of your memories into a presentation which we will put onto the blog for you all to enjoy. We need your contribution to be blogged or emailed to by Friday 10th July at the latest please.

What do we need? A video clip, picture, post or word doc of your memories or a message to your friends.

When do we need it? By Friday 10th July at the latest.

How do I send it? Email it to

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