Geography lesson with 6P

We had a treat today.

We had the pleasure of Mr. de Boer joining us today with some exciting activities he’d planned for us.

Firstly we took part in a quiz, we explored around the school grounds, we map read and finally we learnt all about river pollution.

River pollution occurs when waste from various sources, such as agriculture or industry, enters the waterways. The children were able to identify on maps the possible causes of pollution to the River Irk, which runs right behind our school. We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep to be able to study and explore!

The children made their own mini rivers in an experiment to show how easily polluted our waterways are. Then we used special testing strips to test the water from the River Irk to try and identify if it is polluted or not. I’m happy to report that it appears to be pretty clean!

The children then enjoyed an explore in Narnia with a trip up the stream, which was extremely fun!

Creating our own rivers.
We used sand to illustrate where the polluted areas would be.
Testing the water – such as PH and mineral levels.
Comparing the testing strip with the colour coded key.
Exploring the stream in Narnia.

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