Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of week five of Summer two. We hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today’s learning:


This morning we are are starting a new class book called ‘All My Treasures’ by Jo Witek. This book is about treasure and what makes something special enough to be called treasure. What do you know about planet Earth’s natural treasures? Here are some ideas of things which you could look up:

The pictures above show what we call ‘The Northern Lights’. Can you find out in which country you would see them and how they are formed?

Here are some other wonders of the world to look up:

Once we have read some of the story, we will be making our own treasure from clay. Can you make your own treasure at home?


Today is Monday so we will be working on our multiplication facts. How many of the following can you complete?


Hopefully it will stop raining this afternoon! If it doesn’t we will be completing and indoor circuit. This will involve sit ups, press ups, mountain climbers and star jumps. How many of each can you complete in a minute?

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