Sporty fun Friday!

Good morning Year 3,

We hope you are all enjoying our beautiful, sunny week of sport! Today we are going to be doing some more fun sports activities, so first we need to warm our bodies up. Warming our bodies up stretches our muscles and increases our heart rate ensuring we are ready to get active!

Then we are going to do some reading. Today’s text is about Sport’s Day!

After that we want you to flex your timestable muscles on TT Rockstars!

This week myself and Mrs Kershaw have set you lots of different sports challenges. Now we want you to create your own Sport’s Day game. Think about: What equipment will you need? How many people can play? How do you decide who wins (is it the fastest? the person who scores the most?)? What are the rules?

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This afternoon we would like you to have a go at some Freddy Fit exercise. Don’t forget to send your pictures or videos to

Finally, we would like you to create your own Olympic Games mascot! Here are some examples of past Olympic Games Mascots.

Well done Year 3 for another fabulous week of home learning. We hope you have a fun and restful weekend!

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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