Sports Day!

Good morning everyone.
Today is Sports Day! I hope you have all been enjoying Mrs Hyde’s sporty activities this week. Gemma and Raafay have already sent some videos of their sporty fun. Have a look at their videos and see if you can have a race in your garden or the park. Don’t forget to send us your photos or videos of your races to…

Here are some sporty stories for you to enjoy too.

What did Nadiya do to cool down?
What else can you do to keep safe in the sun?

Now answer these questions about Sports day in the jungle… 1. Who joined in the jungle sports day?
2. Why did Jackal choose monkey?
3. What did the frogs do?
4. Who won the last race? 5. Why did the branch snap?
6. How do you think Sloth felt at the end? Why?

Finally see which healthy snacks you can make to give you lots of energy and keep you healthy on sports day…

Have a fantastic sports day!

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