WOW Wednesday!

We hope you are all enjoying the sporting activties this week! We are going to start this morning with a P.E lesson with the nations favourite P.E teacher- Joe Wicks!

For your reading challenge we are going to keep it sporty and find out about the Olympic Games.

Here is the link to the reading resources:

For today’s maths challenge we are going to use our timestable knowledge to fill the mosaic design.

Here is the link to the maths resources:

Next we would like to design a poster to inform other children how to keep their bodies active and healthy. Remember your poster should be easy to read, full of information and eye-catching.

Here is a video about what humans need to stay healthy:

Here is an example of a poster:

The information is clear and easy to find because of the subheadings. The poster is also colourful and eye-catching.

You have all been sporting superstar this week and each of you deserves a gold medal for your valiant sporting efforts, so this afternoon’s task is for you to design and make your own gold medal!

How will you make your medal unique? Will it have the Bowker Vale emblem on it? Will it be personalised with your name? Will it feature a picture of your favourite sport? Remember this medal is for you so you can design it anyway you like!

We hope you have a fabulous day of sporting fun. Remember to send your pictures and videos to , so we can put them on the blog and share your brilliant work with the rest of the school. The reading and maths answers will be posted at 3pm.

Keep smiling and keep active!

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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