Hot and Cold

Morning Year 1. We hope you are ready for a super fun day of topic and active games.

Today we will be learning about hot and cold linked to when you learnt about hot and cold climates and animals last week.

Can you pack a suitcase of items and clothing you would take if you were going somewhere hot and somewhere cold.

You can draw and label the items you would like to take, write a list or complete the cut and stick activity attached to this link.

Now let’s get ACTIVE and play a game of ‘hot and cold’

Get a small toy/teddy to hide. Hide the toy/teddy and ask family members to find where you have hid it. The only clues you can give is by saying hotter and colder. If they are near to finding the toy they are getting hotter, if they are moving away from the toy they are getting colder.

Here is a link to explain the game.

Remember to add your photos of learning and getting active this week for Sports Week!

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