Good Morning SSC Class

Hurray! The sunshine is back for the beginning of week four of Summer two. We’re really pleased about this because this week we will be completing lots of sporting activities for our whole school sports week.

Today’s learning


This morning we will be thinking about how things have changed during the past couple of week. We will be thinking about how things are staring to get a little bit better because less people are getting poorly and being outside and with other people is becoming a little bit safer. Read the statements carefully, are they facts or fibs?

Once we have been completed this activity we will be reading a story called ‘Buddy is Worried’ written by Mrs Jacques. Here is a section of the story:

Once we have listened to the story we will be making clay dog paw prints to help us think about how things are getting better.


Today we will be completing green pen challenges in our maths books. All our green pen challenges are linked to multiplication facts. Which multiplication facts are you working on?


Today is the start of Sports Week. Throughout this week we will be practising skills such as basket ball shooting, passing and defending skills in hockey and as always how fast we can run.

Have a great day

The SSC Team

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