Triumphant Thursday

Welcome to Thursday! We are going to start the day with some yoga. I really like to do yoga in between the workouts with Joe as it allows your body to rest! Have a go of the link below:

After yoga, it is time for spelling and handwriting practice. Warm your hands up and have a go at practising the selection of year 5 spellings in your neatest cursive handwriting. Today I would like you to fit as many spelling words into a silly sentence!


For today’s maths challenge you have an ultimate fraction, decimals and percentages sheet to complete. As always, the answers will be posted later today.


Our focus for the next two days is to plan and write a persuasive letter. You are the man, who lay exhaustedly under the Great Kapok tree to rest. As you rested you were approached by many wonderful animals of the rainforest, who pleaded with you to not destroy their world. We are going to write a letter Mr Gonzales (the boss of the man) to try to convince him that cutting down the tree would be harmful. Read the WAGOLL and identify features that you like and features that you would improve. Using the WAGOLL as a guide I would like you to plan your letter. You can also include facts that you learnt in the deforestation lesson. I have included a success criteria as an idea of what features you could try to incorporate into your letter. Can you spot where I have used any of the features? Planning is the foundation to all writing we will use our plan in tomorrow’s English lesson when we will be writing our letter.

Planning sheet

This afternoon we are going to focus on computing! Using the link below I would like you to explore scratch. When you open the link there is a tutorial video to refresh your skills. Once you have watched it just close it down and start creating.

Now time for a sweet treat! Chocolate crispy cakes are so easy to make and taste delicious! I have found a super easy recipe for you to follow! Important * You will need an adult to help you melt the chocolate *


100g milk chocolate

50g Cornflakes

Sprinkles/ mini eggs/ sweets


  1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl * ADULT job *
  2. In a large bowl add the melted chocolate to the cornflakes and mix until well coated.
  3. Spoon the mixture into 8 – 10 fairy cake cases.
  4. Decorate with sprinkles and sweets.
  5. Leave to cool and ENJOY!

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