Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, I would like you to start the day with some yoga. As well as helping to keep you active, yoga is extremely good for the mind too! Have a go of the link below:

After yoga, it is time for spelling and handwriting practice. Warm your hands up and have a go at practising the selection of year 5 spellings in your neatest cursive handwriting. Today I thought it would be nice to try pyramid writing.


Your maths challenges today are all related to negative numbers. Have a go at the activities below! All answers will be posted later today.


In English today we are going to create a cinquain poem about one of the animals in the story. Do you remember when we created them for the characters in Captain Atomic? Presentation is really important with this poem, it follows a diamond shape.

Here is my example of a macaw parrot:

Great Science Share

Be inspired and celebrate science by taking part in all the fantastic science experiments on the blog this afternoon with your families! Showcase your sensational science afternoon by sending all of your pictures to the year 5 email. Have fun!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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