Good Morning SSC Class

Hi everyone and welcome to week three of the second half term. We hope you enjoyed your weekend. How nice is it to have some sunshine again?

This week is the start of science week. Did you complete your science activity on Friday? What did you find out? Tomorrow in the SSC we will be learning about rainbows and how they are formed. This is the equipment you will need for this investigation: kitchen roll, felt tip pens, two small bowls of water, a paperclip and some thread. We will post the instructions tomorrow.

Today’s learning:


Today we will be welcoming the year 6 bubbles back to school. How exciting it will be to see some of our friends!

Can you remember what a bubble is? Can you complete the fact or fib activity?


Today in maths we will be continuing with our multiplication facts. Can you write out the times table you’re working on in order? Can you write your times table backwards?


Today we will be practising our basketball skills. Basketball means that you have to be very quick. Can you improve your running time? Can you run on the spot for a full minute?

Have a great day

The SSC Team

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