Terrific Tuesday Tasks!

Good morning everyone! We are starting the day with some funky yoga moves. It is great for your mind and getting your brain warmed up ready for a day of learning. Today we are going to do the cosmic kids DANCE PARTY!

After yoga it is time for a grammar challenge. Today we are looking at apostrophes for possession. There are a few videos to watch and then a fun quiz and a game to play.


Remember: A possessive apostrophe shows that something belongs to or is connected to something else!

After your grammar challenge you have a reading comprehension to complete. Today we have picked a non-fiction text all about the fantastic author Roald Dahl. To get you in the mood I have found a short video extract of David Walliams reading part of the BFG. He looks a little silly!

Your maths challenge today is to practice counting in 4s. Here’s a funky tune to help you. Why not ask your grown ups or brothers and sisters to join in too?

For your writing challenge you need to do some research about the famous artist L.S Lowry and then write a paragraph all about him. Don’t forget to check your punctuation, join your letters if you can, use conjunctions and check your spellings. Here is a video to help!


His art work is fantastic!

In the afternoon we would like you to draw a 3D shape. It can be difficult to make your shape look 3D, so here is a video clip to help you.

Finally after all of that it is time to put your feet up and listen to an online story. Storyline have some great books that you can listen to.


We hope that you have a great day and please don’t forget to email us with your fantastic learning.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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