Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone!

We had a great day in the SSC yesterday. In the morning we listened to Mrs Jacques reading the bubbles story. We then worked really hard on our bubble paintings. Did you do one at home? We would love to see it if you did. Here are some examples of the ones we made yesterday in the SSC.

Look at the great examples of home learning we have been sent.

Wow! Well done William. We are all really proud of how hard you have been working.

Today’s learning:



Please use pyramid writing to practise your spellings.

Everybody: child, children, wild, climb and behind.

Challenge: perhaps, pressure, natural, difficult and recent

Today in the SSC we will be practising our handwriting. Please use the following website to help you remember how to form all the letters correctly:


This week we are continuing to investigate 2d shapes.

Look carefully at all the shapes around you. Can you find the properties of the shapes? Can you find out how many faces, sides and vertices (corners) each shape have?

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