The Great Science Share 2020

World Oceans Day inspires our questions this week – it’s a time to celebrate ocean life and think about how we can protect it. This year there is a focus on calling for all world leaders to commit to protecting 30% of oceans by 2030. What can we do to protect this natural environment?

Share your questions about our oceans and how we can look after them.

Things you may wonder about…
What causes waves and tides?
How can we remove plastics from the ocean?
Why is the sea salty?

Wonder Wednesday Live lesson with @DrChips_ on 10th June 2020 at 10am.

#AskAQuestion: Watch this clip from Sir David Attenborough – Blue Planet II: Episode 7 “the future of humanity and indeed all life on earth now depends on us”

EYFS/Key Stage 1

Dive in to oceans with this starter pack of videos, activities and lessons From: Encounter Edu

Why is the sea salty? Try this demonstration and be inspired to investigate From: EduRef

Key Stage 2

I bet you didn’t know… Whale song is changing (Teacher Guide) From: PSTT

Make a hydrophone with this Phizzi Practical From: Ogden Trust

Explore ocean acidification and dissolve ‘shells’ with these
fantastic STEAM activities From:
Encounter Edu

Don’t forget to send all you Great Science Share investigations and questions to your class email or

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