Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning SSC Class! Welcome to the second week of the second Summer half term! We know it rained for some of the weekend, but we hope that you managed to get some time outside in the fresh air.

Last week we listened to the story ‘The Dot’. We talked about the qualities Vashti showed and how she managed to overcome her difficulties.

Today’s learning


Today in our Wellbeing lesson we will be thinking about how we have managed to overcome some difficulties since March and how we keep on trying. Have you watched Mrs Jacques assembly story yet? Have a listen to the story. The SSC class is one of the Bowker Vale Bubbles. Can you create some artwork from bubbles? In the SSC we will be using paint, washing up liquid, water and straws to create bubbles. What sort of bubble art work could you come up with?


On Mondays we always practise our multiplication facts. How many multiplication facts do you know?

Have a lovely day.

The SSC Team

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