Year 2 Thursday Activities

Good morning Year 2, start your day with reading a non fiction book. Can you share what you have read with somebody else?

Next, we would like you to go on a long walk, what can you see, hear and smell? If you can’t go outside, could you go on a virtual walk instead?

After that we would like you to write a recount about your walk or an activity you have enjoyed doing. Remember to use a recount structure and all your Year 2 writing targets.

After lunch, we would like you to draw yourself in the style of L.S Lowry. Here is a link to help you Did you know that L.S Lowry was a huge Manchester City fan? The Salford artist’s 1949 work The Football Match is now the most expensive Lowry painting ever. The painting sold at auction for a record £5.6 million!

We would love to see your fantastic Lowry inspired artwork, so send your creations to

Your final task of the day is to listen to some music and have a disco!! Enjoy!

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