Good Morning SSC Class

Hi everyone and welcome to wonderful Wednesday! What different weather we have today! Hopefully the sunshine will be back soon.

Today’s learning

Reading task – this half term we will be thinking about the importance of reading and how it can help us to relax. This morning in the SSC we will be listening to a story and completing some mindful activities. Maybe this is something you could try?


Today we will be recapping what we know about prepositions.

We will then be writing sentences which include prepositions.

Can you write a sentence to explain where each dot is?


Yesterday we thought about what we can remember about 2d shapes. We went outside and found examples of 2d shapes. Today we will be thinking about what we know about 2d shapes with more than four sides. Can you find real life examples of 2d shapes with more than four sides?

Have a great day.

The SSC Team.

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