Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Self-care is very important at a time like this. As well as helping to keep you active, yoga is extremely good for the mind too! If you would like to try some yoga at home, have a go of the link below:

An important part of yoga is gratitude so have a think about something you feel grateful for at the moment. This could be anything – it may be one thing or a few different things. 


1. Write down one gratitude at the end of each day – you could add these into a jar

2. Get artistic – create a poster or other ways to show your list such as a gratitude tree

It would be lovely to see what some of you feel grateful for at the moment so please send in photos or pictures of yourselves with your gratitudes at the end of the week 😊

Kindness bingo

Kindness is the theme for Mental Health Awareness week, I thought a lovely way to spread kindness around your homes would be by joining in with my kindness bingo!

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