Start of Week 9 in Lockdown Update

Good morning – I hope this finds you and your loved ones all fit and well. Since receiving the news last Sunday that the Government wishes schools to begin to bring back a wider group of children for education, beyond continuing to offer childcare for children of Keyworkers, we have been digesting the guidance from the Department for Education. The initial guidance has since been updated at least 3 times, so we have had to try to respond to this too. With the Senior Leaders and staff, I have begun to pull together a risk assessment to present to Governors this week. Our initial risk assessment is based upon what we feel we can offer whilst keeping children, staff and families safe. We do have some real concerns. We are making decisions based on both what the Government are advising us but also The British Medical Association who are (at the time of writing) saying Covid-19 infection rates are too high for England’s schools to reopen.

Please know that we wish more than anything to welcome all children back. Hopefully, in our school response to this situation, you have felt the care and concern that we have for you, your children and families. We want to do our job as well as we can, as soon as we can and to have as many children as we can but I have to prioritise safety first and foremost. The safety of this situation requires a knowledge I just don’t have and I will not take any risks on increasing our school numbers until I have the assurances from those that do know it is safe to do so.

Please read my letter from today which outlines what our initial plan is.

Thank you – stay safe and well.

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