Extreme Earth week!

Good morning everyone and welcome to another great week of learning in year 3. This week our theme is Extreme Earth!

Here is your timetable for this week and we really hope that you enjoy the activities.

After handwriting practice and some reading it is time for your maths challenge. Today you need to sort the numbers onto the venn diagram using your knowledge of place value.

As part of our Extreme Earth theme, today we are going to be thinking all about volcanoes. They are very destructive, but are incredibly fascinating. I would like you to create your own diagram of a volcano. Below are some links that you can click on to find out more about them, but there is lots of other information on the internet too.



After lunch I would like you to do some research about a famous volcanic eruption that has taken place somewhere around the world. If you are stuck for ideas then why don’t you find out all about Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

Finally for your wellbeing challenge we would like you to take your pencil for a walk. Simply close your eyes and create some random lines and swirls with your pencil. When you have finished colour in the gaps and get creative. It is very relaxing and is something that I love to do.

Have a brilliant day and let us know how you get on by emailing us at year3@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith.

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