I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a shout out on the live lesson yesterday. On a webchat with the organiser, I found out that there was a massive list of schools and they couldn’t do them all.

To help you today I’ve put on photos of nutritional information and put my working below. The purpose of this is to make you think about how much sugar is in food and practice your maths. Your body needs sugar for energy, but too much is bad for your teeth and heart.

Shreddies (red) has 10.6g per 100g. Always look at the 100g because you’ll notice here that the first packet also has per 40g, but the second packet uses per 30g. Cornflakes (orange) has 6.1g per 100g.

10.6 – 6.1 = 4.5g difference in sugar per 100g. I’ll have the lower sugar Cornflakes today so I can scoff a bag of Friday sweets for a treat!

Is it more efficient to do this mentally or in a column? What’s the difference if I have 50g?

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