Time maths problems challenge

Hello everyone! Keep your maths brains ticking over and have a go at these time word problems – i’ll post the answers tomorrow afternoon :).
1. Ellie takes the train to Edinburgh. She sets off at 9:25 in the morning and arrives at 9:47. How long was her journey?
2. Ben travels on a coach to Manchester. His coach sets off at 8:19. The journey is 23 minutes long. At what time did he arrive?
3. Annabel drives to Cardiff. Her journey takes takes 41 minutes. She arrives at 11:55. What time did she set off?
4. Miss Goodman goes snorkeling in the Caribbean (lucky Miss Goodman). She starts at 12:20, and is snorkeling for 43 minutes. What time does she finish?
5. Mrs Razzel goes on a spacewalk from the ISS which lasts 1+1/4 hours. She completes her spacewalk at 23:45. At what time did she start it?

Good luck everyone!

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