Year 2 have a terrific Tuesday!

Good morning Year 2, I hope you enjoyed yesterdays activities and you are ready for some more fun today! Your first activity is to read your favourite book and be an illustrator. Can you make a new title page for your book?

Next on your timetable is a maths activity. First, practise your counting skills with Jack Hartman and try out his mathletics!

You are now ready to Practise your adding and subtracting skills. The links below may help you remember how to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. Remember to draw your tens and ones when you are partitioning.

Adding 2 digit numbers using partitioning –

Subtracting 2 digit numbers using partitioning –

Adding 2 digit numbers using column addition –

For your science activity we want you to carry out a science investigation. Why not try the science investigation below or make up your own.

In the afternoon, you have been asked to create a new superhero. Think about their superpowers because tomorrow you will be writing a new story based on your new superhero character.

Have a great day Year 2!

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