Good Morning SSC Class

It was so lovely to see and speak to you all yesterday. The SSC team have really been missing you and we know that lots of things are different at the moment. It can be tricky when things are different so we just wanted to remind you of a few things which are the same:

You are Bowker Vale children and you will be coming back to school.

The grown ups still work in the SSC and will be there when you come back to school.

We still have Chester the rabbit.

We still have the ants, although there are only five of them left now!

Look at the amazing examples of work we have been sent in:

Well done William! We are all very proud of you!

Today’s learning:

Spelling – please write out your spellings in pyramid writing.

Can you use any of your spellings in a sentence?

Art activity

Have a look through the art book which Mr Jones sent home. What can you choose to do today? We would really like to see some more examples of your artwork as we know how amazingly creative you all are.

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