Fabulous Friday!

Hi everyone and thanks for all of your hard work this week. I can’t believe that it is Friday already.

We start off the day with some peer massage. The link below has some great stories that use massage strokes, so why not have a go.


Next is handwriting practice on letterjoin followed by our daily maths challenge. Today we have a money theme. Simply click on the link below and complete the money activities from P1-17.


Our writing challenge is really going to get you thinking today. You need to write 5 sentences about this picture, but follow the structure below. Be careful as they must also make sense and flow.

Finally before lunch you have a great wellbeing activity. You will need to find an old glass jar or a container of some kind. I would then like you to write down on lots of different pieces of paper what you are really looking forward to doing after lockdown is over. After why not decorate your jar and then everytime you think of something you would like to do in the future just pop it inside.

After lunch it is time for PE. Today I would like you to set up some activities either inside or in your garden in the style of our Freddy Fit lessons. Spend about one minute on each activity and then move on. It could be running on the spot, skipping, doing press ups or doing star jumps. Use your imagination and please send us lots of photographs. There are also lots of fun games that you can play when you have finished on the Freddy Fit website.


Have a great day everyone and enjoy yourselves.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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