Welcome back Year 4

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weather over the Easter break and had a well-earned rest.  This week we will continue with our home learning.  Mr Sunderland will post the timetable which will include lots of activities that we think you will really enjoy.  Remember that any activities you complete can be sent to us at Year4@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk.

Each morning I will post a brand new English challenge, so make sure you check the blog as often as you can.  Today I want to refresh our memories and look at subordinate clauses.  First, refresh yourself with the subordinate clause song from Anchor education. 


Then I want you to complete the following written activity.  Can you add subordinate clauses to the end of the sentence – remember that a subordinate clause should not make sense on its own.

Extra Challenge – How many of your own subordinate clause sentences can you make?  Can you write a sentence with an embedded clause?

Tom, although he was injured, scored a spectacular goal.

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