Buddy Bowker Gets BRONZE!

We are so proud that Buddy has now passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen BRONZE Award! Shelley, our dog trainer came to school to carry out the assessment today. Buddy had to show that he was controlled and calm walking around distractions (these were the SSC class and Shelley’s dog Theo!), he also had to stay while I walked away for 1 minute.

He had to show that he could walk well on a lead, with me and with children from 4M too.

He had to show that he could wait and go through a gate correctly (he did this better with Ali than he did with me!). He had to show he could come to me when called and had to show that he was calm and sensible whilst being examined and groomed.

We then had a few questions to answer about caring correctly for a dog. I’m glad I had some helpers from 4M who were brilliant at answering the questions and also so enthusistic at willing Buddy on to do brilliantly!

What would you like to say to Buddy? Add a comment!

Well Done Buddy Bowker!

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