Buddy’s Training Squad

Today was the first session for Buddy and his training squad – a group of 10 children who applied for the role in Years 4, 5 or 6.

Cath Phillips, a professional dog trainer came into school and worked with the training squad and Buddy. She brought Bobby B with her – her rescue terrier who is really well trained and was able to show the squad, and Buddy, how it’s done properly!

Firstly, everyone had to identify what was needed to look after a puppy. All the squad had a notebook to help them and Bobby B walked round having a good sniff whilst everyone was writing!

Cath demonstrated how rewarding a dog with a food treat at the exact moment of good behaviour will help a dog to know what is expected of them. She showed us how Bobby B could stand like a statue whilst he might need to be examined or groomed.

We then learned about recall and how a dog first recognises his name then comes to you to receive a treat. We practised with Bobby B first and then Buddy had a turn! He impressed everyone as he was just as good as Bobby B!

Finally, Cath showed us how she has trained Bobby B to tidy up after himself! The squad threw a toy for him and he was able to fetch it and then return it to his toy basket!

After all that Buddy was ready for another sleep!

If anyone has questions about today’s training, ask in the comments, and the training squad will try and answer them.

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